Senin, 09 Maret 2009

kamera CCTV tanpa Kabel, Night Vision

kamera CCTV tanpa Kabel, Night Vision, InfraRed, bisa di pantau dari mana saja..


2.4GHz IR Camera Kit

* 2.4GHZ High quality Color CMOS or CCD sensor for crisp, clear images
* Built-in microphone for audio monitoring
* 4-channel operation allows multiple (1-4) camera systems (optional)
* Long operation range: up to 100 m clear line of sight or 30 m throug walls/ceilings
* 380 TV lines sharp picture display
* Have 26 Infra-red LEDs to aid night-time vision
* Alloyed shell, weather-proof for outdoor usage
* Min 100m transmission distance without block
* including adaptive bracket, easy installation
* Auto motion detection and recording.
* Support SD card 2G.

bila berminat bisa menghubungi saya via email: ridobrown@gmail.com atau telp ke HP:0856-140 6181

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